Sound Therapy

Sound Healing Therapy in Denver

Dr. Grover believes in the healing power of sound from personal experience and supported research. Whether it is the primal sound of beating your own rawhide hand drum or dropping deep in to the sound of a didgeridoo in a sound lounger, each will resonate your body that can be beneficial to your health. Of course, we are excluding the disruptive resonance of intense rock music. The science of cymatics has shown that certain instruments produce a geometric wave form and pattern as they are played. Classical instruments, singing bowls, didgeridoo, gongs, sung mantras, and certain frequencies can produce this healing geometry that is resonated through your body via our sound lounger/table, healing bowls, tuning forks etc.

For patients that would like to experience sound therapy, our staff or Dr. Grover can add in extra time at a visit to play a singing bowl, use tuning forks, or have you experience the resonate sound table. The sound table has special speakers (by SoSound Solutions) attached beneath a massage therapy table that resonate the wood and you body into a state of harmonic resonance.

    Choose Your Musical Healing Adventure with Self Guided Resonate Sound Table, Tibetan or Crystal Bowls, Pandora Star or Tuning Forks

    • Sound healing table session with mantra music, classical or frequency based music
    • Tibetan Bowl or crystal bowl therapy
    • Tuning fork healing with various frequencies applied to chakras
    • Pandora Star Meditation light therapy and Heart Math HRV analysis can be added on to sound therapies for additional reasonable cost if desired.
    • Enjoy Dr. G’s Mantra Music playlist on Spotify. Search for Ashtar111
    • Listen to Dr. Grover’s interview with world renowned sound healer Jonathan Goldman
    • Learn about Sound Healing in Dr. Grover’s 2019 book, Spiritual Genomics

    F Sharp F# Heart Healing with Singing Bowl at Revolutionary MD in Denver

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