Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine? 

While it may sound “out there” for many, simply think of how much better you feel after getting a hug from a friend, or snuggling with a pet.  Our energy bodies respond to sensory input such as touch, soaking in a hot spring, or even laying on the forest floor. Dance and yoga move energy too.

Accupressure Points and Meridians

Acupuncturists activate and connect specific points along a meridian to balance your energy field or Qi, and have successfully been doing this for at least twenty-five hundred years. That’s 12 times longer than the start of modern medicine which began during the industrial revolution of the 18th century.

By appreciating how energy medicine began thousands of years ago amongst advanced ancient cultures we can promote a renaissance of these techniques to help ourselves and others accomplish deeper healing. The energy body is so much more complex than what we perceive in our conscious minds. 

Your Luminous Light Body

Weaving this into our ongoing modern medical care creates an optimal balance. One of the greatest benefits of energy medicine is to help release traumas or negative energies that are retained from our past and to fill those voids with light.  We have a luminous light body as Alberto Villoldo PHD describes it.  Sometimes we need to help clear darkness or thorns in this luminous body to heal ourselves.  While we don’t proclaim ourselves to be priests or shamans with miraculous powers, we do feel we can help enable you to clear and balance your energy field with the following therapies and your intention to heal:

A Few of Our Energetic Healing Modalities

Sound therapy

    • Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, placed on body or played near you.
    • Tuning forks, weighted and unweighted
    • Sound table in which we can
  • Light therapy
    • Near infrared light pads to chakras
    • Transcranial Near infrared light
    • Pandora Light photic using the Pandora Star
  • Application of quartz crystals on chakra points
  • Hands of light therapy, and Reiki
  • Guided meditation and Breath work.
  • Gentle body work
  • Biomat infrared therapy transduced through amethyst crystals.

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