Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

What is Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Field Therapy 


Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a treatment that provides impressive results as a standalone or complementary therapy for the relief of joint or muscular pain, joint pain, fatigue, and many other conditions. It can also be viewed from an ayurvedic or traditional Chinese medicine perspective as a high-tech means to help balance your chakras and improve your Qi or Prana. Other synergistic therapies and diagnostics can be added to enhance outcome and monitoring such as:

  • Near-infrared therapy (In-Light Medical grade pads) can be added for additional benefits during a visit.
  • Nutritional therapy such as glutathione and N-acetyl cysteine can be given orally just prior to therapy. (IV coming soon)
  • Option to receive additional regenerative medicine therapies such as platelet-rich plasma or stem cell therapies to improve outcomes at our office. (These add on procedures are priced very reasonably)
  • The ability for Dr. Grover to monitor for bone density improvements and other outcomes measures which cannot be done at other centers.

What does PEMF Therapy look and feel like?

One simply lays on the massage table or the lounger with the PEMF mat under them to experience full-body therapy. You can wear your clothes but will need to remove metallic objects such as belt buckles, phones, and watches.  The mat has an undulating copper coil imbedded within it to transfer magnetic energy into your body.  A tower with computerized controls allows the provider to dial in the perfect intensity, frequency (pulses per second), and duration to treat your condition.

One can feel the waves of magnetic pulses coming through the mat sent by this energy-producing tower with solid-state technology. Consistent powerful energy flow is adjusted by the practitioner based on your condition and how you feel with the energy.  Some conditions like a pulled muscle may take a few sessions to treat, whereas an arthritic back may take a dozen or more sessions to treat. We may use small paddles, square pad, or rings to apply more focused energy to an injured knee, etc.

Several sessions are typically required for the benefit, but this depends on your condition and the severity of symptoms.  We can be turn up the intensity to contract your muscles, but our aim is to set it at an intensity that is comfortable and will help address your underlying condition. However, some enjoy toning their abs with high intensity!

For each session, we’ll adjust the settings to your condition and at a comfortable level of intensity.

PEMF is a relaxing therapy to

undergo, and benefits may include:

  • Improved energy
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Pain Reduction
  • Improved cellular health
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved blood flow and lymphatic flow
  • Assists with detox

What makes our Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Center stand above others?

  • Supervised by an MD, giving patients greater breadth and depth for treatment protocols, indications, and contraindications.
  • We use the best clinically proven device in the country, the Pulse XL Pro PEMF device. This device provides up to 10 Hz of pulsing power which is three times stronger than any other clinical high PEMF field device on the market with solid-state engineering and controllable frequency and energy delivery to full body or focal regions.
  • We integrate sound therapy using SoSoundSolutions technology available at no extra cost while doing a treatment.

 Pulse Centers Magnetic Field Therapy Demonstration

Experience the 20 Tesla unit  PEMF magnetic field therapy device device with integrated sound therapy at the Revolutionary MD Body Spa Clinic in Denver, CO. Used for chronic fatigue, energy, general relaxation and more.  As described in the Pulse Center website, “Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields is a soothing and energetic modality that can help people across the wellness spectrum stimulate their bodies to enhance overall wellness and energize all aspects of their lives.”

Try an Introductory Session for just $33.

In summary, PEMF therapy energizes your cells with healthy pulsed frequencies working in an anti-inflammatory fashion, as well as countering the toxic EMFs in our environment.  Especially needed with 5G cellular on the way. We invite you to visit our office and to try an introductory session for just 33 dollars. Please call our office at 303-355-2385. You can also email us at revmdoffice@gmail.com with any questions.

How can PEMF help me

at the cellular level?

Research has shown these benefits:

  • Enhance mitochondrial numbers
  • Improve mitochondrial respiratory function (energy production)
  • Improve on-demand energy production for healthy individuals and those with chronic disease or generalized fatigue.
  • Improve immune function
  • Improve bone density
  • Enhance brain function (For example The“Neurostar” transcranial pulsed magnetic device, is being used by psychiatrists with higher efficacy in treating depression than any medication on market) We can do a lower intensity version of the Neurostar which can still be beneficial.

Why should I care about

improving my mitochondrial

function and numbers in my cells?

When you increase the number of your mitochondria through mitochondrial biogenesis and improve its function, the mitochondria can more efficiently convert energy into ATP.  This means more energy is available to muscles and organs in the body. Athletes using PEMF have reported having greater endurance and recovery from marathons. You can also more effectively utilize oxygen. Climbing at high altitudes may also be easier as a result of this. As we age, numbers decline, but we can choose through lifestyle, nutrition, and PEMF to keep them at more optimal youthful numbers.

How does PEMF

work electromagnetically

at the cellular level?

Imagine your body as a battery — daily stressors slowly drain your body of its energy to function optimally. PEMF is similar to re-charging your internal battery to help restore cellular energy needs. The therapy will increase the charge between the inside and outside of your cells stimulating the cell to produce more mitochondria. More mitochondria allows for greater ATP production, which gives your cells more energy. While undergoing a PEMF session you’ll feel relaxed, following it you’ll will feel recharged.

If you would like to try PEMF therapy in Denver please call our office at 303-355-2385. You can also email us at info@revolutionarymd.com with any questions.

Learn more about this therapy and review articles at pemf.com.  

Scientific research supporting the benefit of PEMF therapies

Treatment with PEMF improved osteoarthritis by keeping cartilage from breaking down

Click HERE to read the Research Article


PEMF measurably reduced pain and swelling following plastic surgery

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A sizeable body of research shows that PEMF helps slow-healing tibial fractures fuse

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A small study demonstrated that PEMF therapy reduces pain from chronic pain conditions and fibromyalgia

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Animal studies show the potential of PEMF therapy in regenerating nerve fibers in the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, which is promising for the future of regenerative medicine

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In cell cultures, PEMF treatment seemed to activate lysozyme, which is a major step in the bone regeneration process

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PEMF impacted the growth of bone cells in cell cultures, which formed bone tissue in lab tests

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In a small study, people with rotator cuff injuries went through PEMF therapy, and all participants had either reduced or eliminated symptoms

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Just one month of PEMF treatment improved pain and functional performance in arthritis patients

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PEMF therapy helped regenerate the liver faster in rats who had part of the liver removed

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Additional research articles on the benefits of PEMF:

National Institute of Health PubMed PEMF Articles

So much research has gone into refining PEMF therapy and the results are impressive. Over 1600 studies have been performed on PEMF, and the use of it as a healing modality in Europe is mainstream. In the US it is an emerging therapy showing rapid growth, and ongoing research should display additional clinical benefits.

Our Choice for At-home PEMF is iMRS

For home after a series of more powerful office treatments, you may want to consider the MediConsult’s iMRS (“intelligent magnetic resonance system”), a Swiss-German-engineered pulsed electromagnetic field therapy by Swiss Bionics. The iMrs has copper coil technology, bio-rhythmic program, and ability to add powerful modalities of heart rate variability (HRV) and LED photic stimulation for deeper healing. It works in a more subtle microtesla range manner and is great for daily home use if desired. You will not feel the energy from these devices during a treatment given its subtle low power. The magnetic field strength of these devices is 1/1000 the strength compared to the Pulse Center device we use.  We can order the iMRS device for you if interested, and rentals are available from the company too. The Bemer is another similar device offering equal benefits. Representatives from these companies will argue that their product is better than the other based on wave form types of square vs saw tooth, but I honestly feel there is insufficient evidence to say one is better than the other.

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